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Safeguarding the Public Water System

Safeguarding the Public Water System is an essential part of backflow prevention.

Each connection to the public water system is an opportunity for non-potable water to enter the public water system. Without backflow testing and prevention devices, water from residential plumbing systems, sprinkler systems, swimming pools, and businesses could flow into our public water supply.

Local, state and federal guidelines and laws are in place to protect the public’s water supply. Backflow preventers are installed and tested annually to avoid hazardous water entering the public water system.



Backflow Testing

Certified to test and repair any backflow or cross connection device installed in irrigation systems, commercial businesses, and fire protection systems. Ohio Backflow professional experience guarantees that your system will be tested by a licensed and certified backflow tester.

Please call Green Lawn at the number below to set up an appointment to have your backflow preventer tested.

Backflow Compliance

If you have received an ORDER from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) informing you that your premises is in need of backflow prevention devices . . . WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?

Make one easy call – Phone: (614) 882-5700 | Fax: (614) 882-3334 | Email: Ohio.Backflow@gmail.com and your backflow problems are over. Our backflow team will take care of everything! We will immediately contact all proper authorities, fix any violations and work with you to determine your exact backflow needs, create a plan and submit the plan for approval. Upon approval our licensed Master Plumbers will properly install your backflow prevention device to all codes and city regulations, arrange for all inspections and perform all required annual testing.

Backflow Prevention in Ohio

Backflow testing is not a job for do it yourself plumbers. When you need backflow testing, it is important to know that it must be conducted by someone who is trained and certified in your area. Ohio Blackflow offers the qualified licensed professionals you need to handle all your backflow testing, certification, maintenance and repair needs. Ohio Backflow also has the equipment and material on hand to handle most simple backflow maintenance and repairs. If you need a new backflow preventer installed, either to replace a defective one or because one was never installed, our plumbing experts can handle that as well.

Backflow Testing in Columbus Ohio

The State of Ohio require that all backflow prevention devices be tested annually. The backflow prevention device is used to keep water that passes through it, and into the irrigation system, from coming back into the water supply. We are certified backflow to test all backflow devices in the State of Ohio.

Backflow Service

Our technicians are certified in the state of Ohio to test and repair any make and model of backflow prevention device. Each calendar year your device must be tested and must pass, in accordance with your water department codes.

Backflow Testing

Backflow is the movement of used or non-potable water back into a clean or potable water system rather than its normal flow. In water systems, water is intended to flow in a certain direction, usually from the source in the street to the fixture or appliance in your building, the reverse flow of non-potable water into a potable water source can be dangerous. Backflow is caused by the increase of pressure on the building side or at the “point of use” which results in the flow of water back toward the source. Backflow is avoided if you have no cross connections between potable and non potable water systems.

Simply put if water that has entered your irrigation system, toilet, or any other contaminated area gets siphoned back into the supply line.

Why is back-flow prevention important?

Plumbing problems like a water main bursts, pipes freeze or an unexpectedly high demand on the water system can also create a suction effect, possibly drawing contaminated water into the drinking water system. For this reason, back-flow or cross-connection can be a serious health risk. It allows contaminants such as fertilizers, pesticides or animal residues to flow back into potable water supply system. Connections between the water supply and a source of contamination are called cross-connections.

Backflow Prevention Testing

Ohio Backflow testing technicians are some of the best-trained and most-educated in the testing field. We provide our technicians with training and continuing education units beyond those required by the state. We always feel the best way to serve you is to provide the best-trained backflow prevention testing professionals in the field.

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

A backflow prevention device is a mechanical device designed to prevent the cross-connection of substances that can pollute or contaminate the water supply during a backflow condition.


Our Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Testers are committed to helping you protect your drinking water system from potential contamination. A backflow device, also known as an Reduced Pressure Zone  valve, is installed onto your plumbing system to protect your drinking water and the city water supply from contaminants. Learn more about our backflow services.


All Test Service Solutions is a facilities maintenance company comprised of multiple divisions that offer a seamless network of Backflow Testing, Irrigation Services and plumbing repair to clients throughout Columbus, Ohio. Our licensed technicians are strategically registered throughout Ohio and work with regional, national and local companies as well as residential customers to provide backflow assembly testing, and irrigation services.


Backflow Prevention Testing

Ohio Backflow is licensed to inspect, test, repair and certify your Commercial or Residential Backflow Prevention Assemblies.  Our goal is to provide Backflow Testing , Backflow Installation, and Backflow Inspections to keep our drinking water safe.

Emergency Backflow Testing

As your local backflow testing company in Columbus, Ohio, we provide scheduled and emergency backflow testing, repair and installation services to the Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Cleveland areas.

We pride ourselves on accurate, fast, and friendly service. We test, rebuild and replace backflow preventers on commercial and residential irrigation systems, hospitals, medical buildings and restaurants. Our #1 goal is to provide safe drinking water and build lasting customer relationships by providing excellent service with value, integrity and quality workmanship.


Backflow Testing Service

As unfamiliar sounding as it may be, backflow testing is something Ohio Backflow has been providing it to the Columbus and surrounding Citirs for over 40 years. When it comes to providing our backflow testing services, we want to give our customers peace of mind by solving problems and making repairs without you having to worry about anything.

Backflow Certification

In order to get backflow testing done correctly on the first try, our qualified professionals will work with you on a personal basis to ensure all questions are answered. Our all-inclusive plumbing services are second-to-none, thanks to Ohio Backflow highly-qualified plumbing team. We are always becoming certified in any new plumbing practice, showing that we care about the quality work we provide. Here in Ohio, we know that keeping your home and everyone living in it dry and safe is important, so we are motivated to provide the best services possible to our valued customers.