ohio backflow

We at Ohio Backflow have been certified in installing cross protect backflows for potable water since 1987. This helps us to have some of the oldest certifiers still in practice. They have all been registered with the state & take CEU to maintain their understanding of the state laws. But most important is that they all know the proper ways to keep your family safe from cross contamination of your water.

Way back, forty-four years ago, a small group of visionaries came together with a plan. Armed with knowledge, that comes from being second generation plumbers and honing our craft from a young age, we were able to form a small coalition with one goal in mind; to provide the best service and be the most efficient plumbers in the business.

Ohio Backflow and D&L Plumbing has continued to grow and change to the new innovations; such as computerized controls, new piping and expanding rules and regulations. We have grown a lot and have expanded our services to all around central Ohio. We are proud to be able to serve our community. Thank you for some great years and here is to another forty-four.