Backflows Testing in Ohio

Thank you for coming to our home on the web of Ohio Backflow. Our state has very a good water supply, be it by a water purveyor or the ground aquifers, We feel as you do,  protecting them is the utmost important thing. We as stewards of the Earth want to protect our water from cross contamination and at the same time keep our families and communities safe.

We at Ohio Backflow have been certified in installing cross protect backflows for potable water since 1987. This helps us to have some of the oldest certifiers still in practice. They have all been registered with the state & take CEU to maintain their understanding of the state laws. But most important is that they all know the proper ways to keep your family safe from cross contamination of your water. So, to get your backflow device tested ( certified ) Please click the button Backflow Testing below & follow the directions.


Backflow Testing Services

Backflow Services

Arrangements through which backflow can occur are considered to be cross-connections. Backflow, the unwanted reverse flow of liquids in a piping system, is created by two basic conditions backpressure or back-siphonage.

Backflow Installation

Please remember if the backflow is a containment device, the plumber should also be installing a device to handle thermal expansion. Please fill out the form with all of your information so we can get in contact with you.